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Latest technology in food waste composting

Innovative technology allows for an automated and odorless process. Utilizing microbes and heat, food waste is transformed to nutrient-rich soil in only 24 hours. The one-touch control is fully automatic, zero discharge of waste water and odor , product line offers a wide range of volume capability, from 5 kg per day to 1350 kg in order to meet the composting needs of household to industries.

General Sales Agents for OKLIN INTERNATIONAL LTD (www.oklininternational.com), represented in Sri Lanka by Essa International (Pvt) Ltd (www.essainternational.com) , A sister company of GreenKeepers (Pvt) Ltd.

Product & services offered by sister company Essa International (Pvt) Ltd.

Textile waste recyclers

The company intend setting up a textile waste recycling mill in Sri Lanka to convert textile waste to yarn and non- woven products. We facilitate to export textile waste from Sri Lanka as well as from many other apparel hubs for recycling and below material can be purchased on regular basis.

  • Denim waste
  • 100% cotton waste
  • 100% nylon waste

Renewable energy developers & energy saving products

Our renewable energy program helps development of Solar power farms, Wind energy using state-of-the-art wind turbines that are super small in size.


    Developer of solar roof top farms for direct grid connection using state of the art technology and foreign collaboration. We invite you to rent your large commercial roofs and enjoy zero electricity bill for 20 years.

  • WIND

    State of the art technology, smallest wind turbines for households as well as for large commercial houses with high efficiency and faster pay back.

  • LED lighting systems

    Facilitate the country to reduce its overall energy bill by introducing high quality LED lighting systems for domestic , commercial as well as for street lighting with product warranties including battery storage option.

Product & services offered by sister company Essa International (Pvt) Ltd.

Latest technology on waste to bio-fuel

Be it industrial waste or municipal waste , technological findings after 40 years of research surfaced state of the art technology to convert waste in to golden bio-fuel within 5 minutes , zero emissions , bi-products of water and bitumen , zero usage of electricity , product line offers 150 / 500 / 1000 liters per hour modules to be installed within 6-8 months.

Foreign investment consultants

To support and facilitate Government efforts to secure FDI for Planned infrastructure development, our team actively network across the world to attract investments as well as organizations to bring in state of the art technology to our country.

Global surplus stock management and Trading

Exporters of wearing apparels, safety gloves, textiles and yarns originating in Sri Lanka as well as from many other countries.