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Sri Lanka is ranked within the top 5 ocean polluters in the world and we are making progressive plans to implement and initiate below program

  • Setting up of waste to bio-fuel plants and create supply chain to direct all types of polythene, cardboard, rubber, textile waste etc as feed stock.
  • Formulate plans with authorities, institutions, schools , commercial houses and many other social groups to build common storage for segregated waste collection centers.
  • Introduce latest technologies and products for beach cleaning as well as to prevent waste material reaching river mouths.
  • Launch a program with fisherman across the island to fish for polythene, plastics and waste nylon nets on a sustainable model by introducing a revenue channel.
  • Introduce latest technology to map out polluted sea bottom regions around the island and initiate appropriate cleaning programs.

Create opportunities for entrepreneurs and un-employed

A mechanism to collect compost that is derived from OKLIN food waste composting machines purchased by our customers, pack, brand and market.

Appoint suppliers to deliver agricultural, plant base waste, polythene, plastics and many other waste material to our waste to bio-fuel plant.

Centralized food waste composters to selected community groups and operate them independently on a revenue generating mechanism.

Energy conservation

Help save Sri Lanka energy bill by electrifying the street lights using renewable energy on a business model avoiding foreign loan schemes.

Introduce energy independent centers for communities via central power supply stations using renewable energy.

LED bulbs with battery storage to face power failures and a mass marketing program of LED bulbs to less privileged communities on an easy payment scheme.

Central fund to build green houses for homeless

We are committed to contribute a portion of our revenue that will derive from the stated businesses to build houses for the homeless using all the knowhow of green housing concepts from year 2020 onwards

lectures and seminars to schools and institutions

Our team comes with years of top corporate experience as well as hands on experience at dump yard levels , we have traveled the world and exposed to all the environmental threats that is coming ahead in the near future and knowledgeable enough to share with most practical solutions.